Road Jurisdiction and Maintenance

The jurisdiction and maintenance of public roads can be confusing.  A unit of government who has jurisdiction over a public road or a segment of a public road has the authority and obligation to administer, control, construct, maintain, and operate that road or segment of road.  The units of government with jurisdiction comprising all of the public roads in the unincorporated areas of Tazewell County are the State of Illinois, the County of Tazewell, and the 18 Township Road Districts in Tazewell County. 

Please refer to the Tazewell County Map to determine the jurisdiction of a road or segment of road.  You'll find in the legend of the map how highways under the jurisdiction of the State of Illinois are identified as either State Routes, U.S. Routes, or Interstate Routes.  You will also find how highways under the jurisdiction of the County of Tazewell are identified as County Highways.  You will not find identification for the township roads shown on the map as those roads consist of all highways lying in the unincorporated area (outside the corporate limits of municipalities) that are not state or county. 

Once you have determined the jurisdiction please contact the proper highway authority.  You can reach IDOT at (309) 671-3333, the Tazewell County Highway Department at (309) 925-5532, and the Township Highway Commissioners from the contact information provided by clicking here.