Welcome to Tazewell County, the central Illinois community which combines city assets with the serene beauty and quiet countryside of rural living. It is located on the Illinois River adjacent to Peoria and part of the Peoria-Pekin Metropolitan Statistical Area, which has an estimated population of 352,164. Tazewell County was established in 1827 and has a population of 135,394, according to 2010 U.S. Census data, encompassing 658 square miles of which 649 square miles is land and nine square miles is water.


The largest community in Tazewell County is Pekin, the County seat, with a population of more than 34,000. Tazewell County also contains 15 other incorporated communities, with populations ranging from a few hundred to more than 23,000. Tazewell County offers something for everyone, with a strong commitment of maintaining a high quality of life and friendly communities.


Tazewell County provides a hometown feel in the middle of a growing, progressive region with a strong employment base and plenty of amenities to complement the rural landscape. Individuals can enjoy the services and benefits of traditional urban services and the peaceful, quiet countryside of rural life.


Agriculture is an important component of Tazewell County's history and economy and it is ingrained with the County's identity and way of life. Seventy-eight percent of the County's land area consists of farmland, and agriculture is poised to remain one of the County's defining industries. The flat fertile fields, wooded slopes, ravines and forested riparian areas contribute to a diverse landscape that provides many benefits to residents of the county.