Tazewell County Jury Commission

The Jury Commission or Tazewell County summons and qualify the residents of Tazewell County to server as Coroner Jurors, Grand Jurors and Petit Jurors.
Summons are mailed 30 days prior to your service date.  Follow instructions enclosed and return to office within ten days of receiving summons in the mail.  ALL QUESTIONNAIRES MUST BE RETURNED
Coroner Jurors are summoned for three months and are only on call for service.  When services are needed the Coroner of Tazewell County will call and give a 5 day working notice on the date that you need to appear for service.
Grand Jurors are summoned for three months, appearing on their SERVICE DATE and every two weeks thereafter.
Petit Jurors are summoned for one week of jury service or as required by court.  Before appearing for jury service on your service date, we ask you to call in the weekend before you are to appear for further instructions.  You may call on Friday after 4:00 pm thru Monday 8:00 am for further instructions.  This will eliminate unneccessary trips to this office.

If you need to be excused from jury service, DO NOT call the office.  Follow the instructions on your summons.

Parking information will be mailed to the juror one week prior to the service date.  Please enter the East side of the McKenzie building (Old Jail) on South Fourth Street.

Dress appropriately for the court room.