Tazewell County Adult Probation
334 Elizabeth St., Pekin, IL 61554
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Tel:(309) 477-2281, Fax:(309) 346-1011

Probation is a court order through which an offender is placed under the control, supervision, and care of a probation officer in lieu of imprisonment, so long as the probationer meets certain standards of conduct.

As the sentence of choice in Illinois, probation is a cost-effective alternative to imprisonment that can offer reparation to the victim, provide for the safety of society, and restore offenders to useful and productive lives.

The Tazewell County Adult Probation Department provides professional, detailed and verified reports to the Court on individuals who have been found guilty and referred to the Probation Department and facilitates the compliance of the conditions of probation.

Programs provided: Regular Probation, Public Service Employment, Domestic Violence, Pre-trial
, Intensive Supervision, and Sex Offender Supervision.

The mission of Illinois probation departments is to provide the circuit courts with a comprehensive system of quality programs and services which are responsive to constitutional and statutory requirements, and which reflect judicial priorities and community needs.

The goals of Illinois probation departments is to:
  1. Provide complete and accurate information to the court to facilitate judicial decision-making.
  2. Provide differential, community-based supervision and intervention to offenders dependent upon risk, individual offender needs and available resources.
  3. Reduce recidivism among offenders sentenced to probation.
  4. Identify and develop new programs which qualitatively and cost-effectively enhance community supervision strategies.
  5. Ensure accountability to the victim and the community through financial restitution and public service programs.
  6. Improve the quality, effectiveness and professionalism of Illinois probation officers and court services.