Treasurer's Department

Receipting and Accounting of Revenue
    As the depository for all funds, fees collected by other offices are forwarded to the Treasurer for custody. State and federal monies allocated to local governments are transmitted to or collected by the Treasurer and are deposited to the proper funds for management. Monthly reports are prepared to show the accounting transactions by fund.
Cash Management/Investments
     The County Treasurer manages the cash flow of all county funds, revenue budget, and investment of funds not needed for immediate expendituers for the County. All investments are secured pursuant to State Statue.
Cash Management Handbook
Tazewell County Investment Policy
Debt Management
     The Treasurer administers debt financing for bonds. A detailed record is kept of every bond and an entry on the bond register shows each bond payment.
Annual Audit
     For protection of your tax dollars, Tazewell County has an external annual audit which is hosted in the Treasurer's Office. The Treasurer maintains and enters all journal entries from the audit to the County's General Ledger. The Treasurer is also responsible for the management of accounts receivable from funds received from the State of Illinois and or all State and Federal Grants.
Unclaimed Money/Mail
     Unclaimed money is collected by the County Treasurer to be later turned over to the State Treasurer's Office. County mail processing for all county offices is handled through the County Treasurer's Office.