Mobile Home Tax
Mobile homes are assessed by your Township Assessor.  Mobile homes are assessed by age and size.  A new mobile home is taxed at $.15 (fifteen cents) per sq ft and decreases until reaching the age of 15 years old.  At age 15 years, the home is taxes at $.075 (seven and one half cents) per sq ft.  A 20 per cent discount is applied at age 65 for seniors.
Title Transfer
To transfer a title, the new owner must get a Secretary of State mobile home tax certificate from the Treasurer's office.  This certificate is then taken to Secretary of State's office to complete the transfer.  All taxes must be paid in full to complete the transfer
A mobile home can not be moved without a permit signed by the Treasurer's office.
Mobile home Tax bills are mailed the end of January, and payment is due within 60 days.