How can I use the Recorder's Office?
Nearly any question about real estate ownership can be researched in the Recorder's office.
Is there any charge?
All the information in the Recorder's office is "public record." Anyone may have access to it free of charge. There is a small fee for copies of any documents you may want.
How easy is it to use the Recorder's Office?
The employees in the Recorder's Office are all very knowledgeable. We will be glad to help you find what you want to know and show you how the system works. We are not allowed to give legal advice or conduct "searches" but you will find us very friendly and helpful. We are there to answer your questions and help however we can.
What about the forms I'll need?
The Recorder's Office furnishes some of the forms you will need.  They are free of charge.  You need only to ask.
How are the records kept and are they current?
Using the most modern computer technology, our recordings are kept "right up to the minute." Information can be accessed within minutes after being accepted for recordation. Microfilm copies and hard copies are also produced for permanent, archival quality, and off-site storage to protect them from loss.